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How good is Trump’s mentality? New cases in a single day hit a new high, still insisting that the epidemic will soon disappear

The president also said that although the new cases have reached this terrible level, the country will successfully develop a new crown vaccine, so he will not have any concerns about the current epidemic situation, but he is confident and believes that every American People quickly wait for the vaccine and get themselves immune, and walk on the street without fear.


Venezuela announces that parliamentary elections are scheduled for December 6

Overseas Network, July 2nd, local time on the 1st, the Venezuelan National Election Commission announced that the new parliamentary elections will be held on December 6. According to the Russian Satellite News Agency, Venezuela’s National Election Commission Chairman Alfonso announced that the parliamentary elections will retain the 87 constituencies used in the 2015 parliamentary elections, and the parliamentary seats will increase by 66%, from the original 167 to 277 .


The central market in the Middle East outbreak will be reopened, and the government will push social life back to normal

However, the overall epidemic situation in the Middle East has not returned to a reassuring attitude. Although the outbreaks in the UAE and Qatar have shown signs of improvement, among the three countries with the highest cumulative number of cases in the region, the number of new deaths in a single day in Iran has continued The number of new cases in Saudi Arabia has exceeded 4,000 again in ten days, raising concerns that with the continuous loosening of relevant measures, the epidemic may show a situation of loss of control.