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The United States supports India! UN convenes emergency meeting to condemn India for planning bloody attacks

In terms of the external environment, India has successively taken provocative actions in the border areas between India and Pakistan, which has led to increasing tensions in the region. Immediately afterwards, the Prime Minister of Pakistan also delivered a public speech. In his speech, he pointed out that India is the man behind the attack. The Pakistani Prime Minister also declared that he would retaliate against India and make India pay for it.


There is bad news again, France wants to”support” India, what exactly does Modi do?

In recent years, India has been proactively provoking other countries in the border area in order to transfer the social conflicts caused by the spread of the domestic epidemic. As a result, India is now facing the”siege” waiting for Pakistan and Nepal at the same time. It can be said that the situation in South Asia It came to an extremely sensitive point. Once the gun was fired, there would be a possibility of war without repelling it.


Going to Canada to get a child to get a nationality

On July 5, according to Netease News, a Chinese help-seeking post on a Canadian social networking site became popular. However, at present, Canada has closed its visa application business, and a family of three has already sat down and asked for help to help us return home.