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Ace missile will appear on the border between China and India

After India continued to act on the southwest border, India seemed to be preparing the confrontation very seriously, seeking weapons everywhere. At this time, Israel’s attitude was very angry, and it was really annoying to choose the side and turn to India at the critical moment.


awkward! Lottery 52.26 million nowhere to receive prizes Lottery official closed a few months ago

According to foreign media reports, a salesman of the big prize lottery station, a Canadian lottery player recently hit a prize of 10 million Canadian dollars (about 52.66 million yuan)! However, an embarrassing situation happened. Because of the outbreak, the local lottery center was closed as early as March. This lottery player has a lottery ticket but can’t get the prize money… It is reported that the lottery prize was sold in a store in St. Catherine, Canada.


Statement of the Chinese Embassy in India

According to the official website of the Chinese Embassy in India, Counsellor Ji Rong issued a statement on India blocking some Chinese mobile applications:On June 29, the Ministry of Information Technology of India issued an announcement citing relevant laws and regulations, citing related activities”Sovereignty and integrity of India, India’s national defense, national security and public order” decided to prevent some Chinese mobile phone applications from being used in India.