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After Russia sends a lot of cash to China and is willing to provide 25.2 million mu of land, things have made new progress

A new development in the matter is that according to an official from the Chinese Embassy in Russia speaking on the forum”Promoting International Cooperation between China, Russia, and China on June 30″, China’s position as the country’s largest exporter of agricultural products and food continues to consolidate Both sides have also made positive progress in the mutual access of agricultural products. For example, poultry and dairy products continue to expand exports to China. In addition, Russian beef has also entered the Chinese market.


8000 missiles support India, the Israelis are fuelling the fire, and another 30,000 production authorizations are opened

Recently, due to its own problems, India’s relations with many countries have continued to deteriorate. India is deeply worried about placing orders for arms purchases from many countries. It is hoped that the Indian military will not get mad after receiving the weapons. If the war starts, for India and other countries, it will be a bloody fight. Only sit down and talk well, which is beneficial to India and the international community. Wise move.