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Trump took a dangerous step, a large number of US troops came straight to the east, India might wait for a strong response

At the same time, a spokesperson for the US Department of Defense stated that these troops will be redeployed, and the US has not made a clear response regarding the specific deployment location. In the Indo-Pacific region, the US military has attempted to increase the deployment of troops, using India, Japan and other countries to contain China’s development.


Newlyweds take wedding photos on the rocks by the sea

According to the British”Daily Mail” reported on July 2, Laguna Beach, California, the United States recently staged a thrilling scene when a newlyweds took their wedding photos on a rock by the sea, they were overturned into the sea by a big wave Fortunately, the firemen arrived in time to rescue the couple.


A fire in an industrial waste warehouse in South Korea burned for 7 days and lost more than 4 million yuan in property

Source:People’s Daily News According to Yonhap News Agency, recently, an industrial waste warehouse in Feiyingdaodong, Gunsan City, Jeollabuk, South Korea, caught fire and burned for seven days before being extinguished by firefighters. According to the Jeonbuk Fire Department, the fire that broke out at 11:4 pm local time on June 25th was completely extinguished at around 4:40 pm on July 1st.


Promise before being elected! Biden:If I take office, India will become the”natural partner” of the United States

According to the Hindustan Times report on July 2, the US Democratic Party presidential candidate, Vice President Biden during the Obama administration said that if he can win the presidency in the presidential election held in November this year, it will strengthen relations with India. As the primary task of this administration, India is the”natural partner” of the United States.