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Typhoon “Nibert” landed in Japan, some Olympic events rescheduled

   China News Service, July 28. According to a comprehensive report, according to the Japan Meteorological Agency, 2021 Typhoon No. 8 “Nebot” had landed near Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture before 6:00 on the 28th local time. The Meteorological Agency urges all localities to be highly vigilant against geological disasters, flooding in depressions, and river flooding.


Peru newly diagnosed 611 cases, officials say it is at the lowest point of the second wave of epidemic

   China News Service, July 27. According to Peru’s “Communiqué”, on the 26th local time, there were 611 new confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in Peru, with a total of more than 2.105 million confirmed cases. Peru’s Health Minister Oscar Ugart said that the number of new infections and deaths in the second wave of the epidemic has been reduced to a minimum. However, considering the potential risks of the third wave, the public is still calling on the public to continue to do a good job of prevention.


Withdrawing from Afghanistan and ending the combat mission in Iraq, will the United States bid farewell to the long overseas war?

   China News Service, July 27th. According to a comprehensive report, after the United States began withdrawing its troops from Afghanistan, US President Biden announced on the 26th that his combat mission in Iraq would end by the end of the year, but did not mention the issue of the withdrawal of troops from Iraq. According to the analysis, despite this, the two decisions involving Afghanistan and Iraq still show that the Biden administration is working hard to shift the focus of US foreign policy over the past 20 years. With the withdrawal of the last batch of US troops from Afghanistan at the end of August, Biden will completely end the two longest overseas wars in history that began under former US President Bush in a few months.