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Japan’s April vaccinations for people over 65 years old will be allocated according to population ratio

China News Service, February 23. According to Kyodo News Agency, Japan’s administrative reform minister Taro Kono said on the 23rd that regarding the issue of vaccinations against the new crown for the elderly over 65 years old from April, Japan will initially provide vaccines based on population Distributed to prefectures and prefectures, without considering the distribution of vaccines according to the number of people infected in each region. However, he said that he intends to adjust the schedule at any time.


In addition to submitting tax forms, Trump also faces many legal issues

   Chinanews, February 23. According to the US Overseas Chinese News Network, former US President Trump’s attempt to prevent the Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance from controlling his tax returns was recently rejected by the Supreme Court. This strongly proves the fact that Trump is currently in real legal danger in many respects.


US agency: Boeing 777 engine fan blade damage is due to metal fatigue

   China News Service, February 23. According to a comprehensive report, a United Airlines Boeing 777 passenger plane had an engine fire in the air on the 20th and debris falling along the way. The National Transportation Safety Board pointed out on the 22nd that a preliminary investigation showed that the damage to the engine fan blades was related to metal fatigue.