In addition to wearing masks, the US CDC also has new opinions on whether vaccinated people need to be tested, July 29. According to the US Chinese website, the widespread spread of Delta’s new crown variant virus has led to a national rebound. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has revised the guidelines for wearing masks for vaccinated people. In addition, At the same time, the testing guidelines for people who have been fully vaccinated have been updated.


“The Glory of the Chef” broadcasts 32 chefs staged a culinary battle

   Chinanews, July 28th. The professional chef-competitive reality show “The Glory of the Chef” was broadcast on iQiyi today. Three top mentors in the catering industry: Cai Hao, founder of “Good Wine, Good Cai” and “Cai Hao Selection”, Dong Zhenxiang, founder of “Da Dong Yijing Cai”, Zhang Yong, founder of “Xin Rong Ji” and “Rong Shu Zhen Xuan” , 32 professional chefs with outstanding culinary skills, as well as the female group THE9 member Kong Xueer and host Shen Ling helped to join.