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Love, need to wait

In the world of love, you will always meet someone who will give you the gentleness you need. Zhang Ailing once said:”People are compassionate because of love; because they understand, they are tolerant.”


George talks about 2K ability value of 88:Will rise to 95 at the end of the season, 96 next year

Live it, October 23. 2K21 announced today the abilities of the major NBA stars. Administrator Ronnie has a video connection with Clippers forward George. George’s 2K20 ability value is 93. When asked to predict his ability value this year, George said:”I won’t be surprised if it is lower than 90, I guess it is 88.” The result proved that George’s guess was very accurate. The answer released by the administrator Ronnie is 88.


Interstellar vehicle, I have something to talk

Shell material:high-rigidity, high-toughness, high-insulation, high-temperature and high-pressure resistance-free material, this kind of material does not seem to be a problem according to the current R&D technical capabilities.


The Football Association wrote an article describing the advantages of Chinese players:high proficiency in using technology without confrontation

On the 8th, the official website of the Chinese Football Association released the”Chinese Football Association Youth Training Outline”. The”Outline” made a summary and evaluation of the current situation of Chinese players’ ability:The advantage of Chinese players lies in their high proficiency in using technology without confrontation or weak confrontation, and physical flexibility Good to wait;


As soon as they appear in the Sanlitun neighborhood, they will be captured by the photographers’ lenses

Let’s follow Wuye’s lens and take a look at Sanlitun District together. I hope that the outfits of the beauties here can bring you a new experience. Learning to dress and wear is a long-term process. Don’t just look at what you are doing. If you keep working hard for a long time, you will have your own gains. If you want to be beautiful, then you must persist in cultivating yourself and do your best every day. Things to do.