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President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences: newly elected academicians should enhance their sense of responsibility and urgency in building a strong scientific and technological country

Beijing, July 15 (reporter Sun Zifa) – the certification ceremony and Symposium for newly elected academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) in 2021 was held in Beijing on July 14. Academician Hou Jianguo, President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and executive chairman of the presidium of the Ministry of science, issued academician certificates to the newly elected academicians and made a speech. He hoped that the newly elected academicians would further enhance their sense of responsibility and urgency to achieve high-level scientific and technological self-reliance and build a strong scientific and technological country.


Tonight, CCTV-1″China in Stories” approached the”post-80s” Zhong Nanshan, reappearing the spirit of a Chinese scholar who dares to treat and speak

The hero’s retrograde has become the”moving China” in the hearts of countless people. People feel at ease on the one hand, but feel distressed on the other. After all, he is 84 years old! The lovely Academician Zhong smiled more than once and expressed his”not accepting the old” with a smile. He once said to the camera:”Many of our medical staff do not allow me to enter the ward. I don’t know if it is because I think I am too old.” He attended the award ceremony on September 8 this year. He claimed to be walking fast on the red carpet Point,”Prove that I am not old.” Tonight, the fourth episode of the second season of”China in Stories” will be broadcast. Academician Zhong himself does not like others to use”84-year-old senior” to define him, and this”post-80s” hardcore has a more tender side behind him. This program tries to get closer to him and strive to present a more three-dimensional academician Zhong Nanshan , Especially from his growth in life and family life, he feels the power he has accumulated along the way, and also pays tribute to all the people who have worked hard and made sacrifices in the epidemic.