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Source: Trump Organization and its chief financial officer were sued

   China News Service, July 1 According to a Reuters report, people familiar with the matter revealed that on June 30, local time, a grand jury in Manhattan, New York, USA, filed charges against the Trump Organization and its chief financial officer Wesselberg. This will be the first batch of allegations raised by the New York prosecutors in a more than two-year investigation of Trump and his group.


Prosecutor seeks death sentence in Atlanta gun case that kills 6 Asians

   Chinanews, May 12, according to a report from the US Chinese network, on March 16, a man shot at three massage parlors in Atlanta, the United States, killing eight people, six of whom were Asian. On May 11, local time, the man was charged with murder. A prosecutor issued an announcement stating that she would also seek a hate crime charge and a death sentence.


US police “kneeled and killed” Freud case: Judge restores Xiao Wan’s third-degree murder charge

China News Service, March 12, according to the US Chinese website, the case of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin (Derek Chauvin) “kneeling and killing” African-American man George Floyd began this week. Entering the jury selection stage, the case has once again attracted national attention. On the 11th local time, the judge resumed another murder charge against Xiao Wan.


Former U.S. President Trump is again sued by Democrats for inciting violence

China News Service, March 6th. According to US media reports, on March 5 local time, Eric Swalwell, a Democrat in the US House of Representatives who was responsible for the impeachment of former President Trump, spoke to Trump and some of his team. Members initiated a lawsuit accusing them of “inciting violence” and causing mental damage to members of Congress.


Male model accused famous designer Wang Daren of sexual assault, with explicit details

Asia Pacific Daily Shannon New York well-known Chinese designer Alexander Wang (Wang Daren) is synonymous with high fashion. He designs clothes for celebrities ranging from Lady Gaga to Kim Kardashian. His brand is the main force on the catwalks and red carpets of fashion weeks around the world. The 37-year-old designer from San Francisco is also known for frequenting the VIP rooms of popular nightclubs.