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The United States and Britain accused Russia of launching cyber attacks on many countries, and Russia angrily denounced the other side for”Goebbels-style propaganda”

The U.S. said that these six people are staff members of Russian military intelligence agencies. According to a report from TASS Washington on October 19, Demers said at a press conference:”We have filed criminal charges against Russian agents. They have launched a series of the most destructive and dangerous cyber attacks in the world.” US Department of Justice A statement was issued saying that these people belonged to the Russian”General Intelligence Agency 74455 Troop”.


“Hunter” can’t hide from the calculations of”Fox”? The heroine of Ronaldo’s sexual assault case will be accused for the third time after 11 years, and the”dominant president” has become the most unlucky perpetrator

In order to prepare for this important game, Portugal and Spain had a warm-up match in the early morning of the 8th. In the end, the two teams exchanged a white ticket 0-0. Ronaldo sent out wonderful passes for his teammates many times, and he also shot the crossbar. , But still failed to help the team score.


Only a man who loves you deeply can accuse you like this

We often say that our boyfriend or husband is a straight man. In fact, no matter whether he is straight or not, there is a type of man who is like this. He will directly express what he has. Instead of going around with you, he will directly point out your problem. .


Witness Exposure:The private parts are exposed in public! Event continues to ferment

UFC superstar Connor McGregor was accused of sexual assault, and the case has not yet been closed, although the case has been released. The police said that they are currently waiting for the results of key”physical tests”, and at the same time they have to retrieve surveillance video. The results may not surface until next weekend. During this period, witnesses also appeared to accuse”more sexual assault processes.”