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Harden thanks:Rockets gave me everything, I feel owed for not winning

James Harden updated social media thanks to Rockets. Harden wrote:”What can I write? What words can write my feelings along the way. Houston, you welcome me unconditionally. The leap of faith has changed my life forever and changed my family. The team, this This city gave me everything I could ask for, and even more. I won the scoring champion and trusted me before the MVP. I will always be grateful.


There is no”if” in life.

The cruelest thing in life is not regret, but there is no”if”. You are good to everyone, but not good enough to yourself. September is the day you were born, and November is the day you leave the world.


Sad copywriting, heartbroken, so heartbroken to read

You are still my reason for rejecting others. I am not waiting for you, but I still don’t like others. Maybe there are some people, it’s nice not to meet again, at least that person will always be you, as in the memory-“Later Time is All About You”


Bai whore, are you feeling okay?

Everyone has the beauty of his youth, and this person is irreplaceable. I always remember what my classmate said:”If you like her, you must get her, because you know that only you can give her happiness.