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The second pharmaceutical company to set foot in sauce and wine after Guotai, revise the group or invest in Renhuai

China.com Liquor Industry September 23 News Yesterday, according to a report from the Rong Media Center of Renhuai City, a symposium on revising the investment projects of the Liquor Industry Group was held in Renhuai City. Wang Nengke, deputy secretary of the listing committee and mayor of the meeting, said in a speech that he hopes to revise the wine industry to give play to the advantages of large enterprises, take the route of merger and reorganization, and absorb and build a professional sauce-flavored wine production team.


Surging:The new naturalization rules were not proposed by the Chinese Football Association, and the proposals came from the consensus of many countries

Live it, September 20. Earlier, FIFA voted to pass the amendment to the player association conversion clause. According to the relevant provisions of the new regulations, Jiang Guangtai and Hou Yongyong will be qualified to represent the national football team. Teixeira, Evra, Ivo If foreign aid such as, Caldek and others choose to be naturalized, they will also be directly eligible to represent the national football team. However, according to The Paper, the new naturalization rules were not proposed by the Chinese Football Association.


The next President of Russia is ready! 80%of voters support key figures

Regarding the successor to the Russian President, Putin’s successor has always been the focus of the international community’s attention. Especially when Putin’s term is about to come, there are speculations about the next president of the world’s major powers, and now there is an explosive news. Major changes have taken place in Russia, and the next presidential candidate is about to come out, directly detonating public opinion in the international community.