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High-ranking US military officials do not need 14 days of isolation to cause controversy

Although the Thai government has emphasized that it will take 6 measures to implement virus prevention and control on the US delegation, for example, it must be tested negative at the place of departure and after arriving in Thailand, the group must not exceed 10 people, only a short stay in Thailand, the Thai inviter must Arranging personnel to track, the Ministry of Health’s lamp unit to arrange special follow-up, American personnel are not allowed to go to public places and take public transportation, etc., but still caused some celebrities and people’s concerns.


Hu Xijin:The US should close

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China announced today that it requires four U.S. media agencies in China to report to the Chinese side all written materials such as staff, finances, operations, and real estate information owned by China within 7 days as a list of the four new U.S. media in China. The countermeasures for”foreign missions”. Protest, protest,”I can’t breathe”, I can’t breathe.