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Fushun, Sichuan: The tomb found at a construction site was first judged to be an ancient tomb from the Song Dynasty. The owner of the tomb was a male

China News Service, Zigong, June 30 (Liu Gang, Zhou Jiachen) The Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism of Zigong City, Sichuan Province announced to the public that the local cultural relics and archaeology department conducted an investigation and rescue of an ancient tomb found on a construction site near the West Lake Longfeng Bridge in Fushun County Excavation investigation. After evaluation by relevant experts, it is preliminarily inferred that the tomb is an ancient tomb in the middle and late Southern Song Dynasty. The owner of the tomb is a male. The bones of the corpse are relatively corroded. At the same time, 3 clay pot covers, 1 ironware, dozens of iron pieces and ceramic fragments were unearthed. , Blue tiles dripping water, Bois fragments.