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From the East China Sea “little ants” to see the road of common prosperity on the island: breaking boundaries and riding the wind and waves

China News Service, Zhoushan, June 15 (Reporter Lin Bo) Ant Island, with a land area of ​​less than 3 square kilometers, is located in Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province, known as the “City of Thousand Islands”. As the name suggests, it is like a floating island in the East China Sea. A little ant. But although its area is small, its reputation is not small.


Ant Group’s refund of new funds arrives on schedule, with an interest of 2.01 yuan per transaction

Our reporter Meng Ke November 9th is the return date of the investor’s promised by Ant Group. Early that morning, some investors said that the securities account showed that the money paid after the signing of the new shares of Ant Group had been refunded. Ms. Xu, who signed the Ant Group, told a reporter from the Securities Daily, “We have received 34,400 yuan of subscription funds for 500 new shares of Ant Group as scheduled, and 2.01 yuan in interest.