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A 3D stretchable antenna for self powered is proposed

However, the mechanical deformation of the stretchable antenna usually leads to the change of its resonant frequency, and the in vivo radiation efficiency of the stretchable antenna will be seriously reduced due to the loss of human tissue, which limits the application of the flexible antenna in strain sensing.


The Mars rover flies so far, how do we communicate with it?

It will appear”not fast enough”. As of September 20, 2020, China’s first Mars exploration mission”Tianwen-1″ has been in orbit continuously for 60 days with a flight distance of about 160 million kilometers, which is more than 1 astronomical distance. The unit, if flying at the speed of light, it takes more than 500 seconds to complete. After Tianwen-1 arrives on Mars, the farthest distance between the earth and Mars can reach 400 million kilometers. Even if it takes more than 45 minutes to communicate with the electromagnetic wave at the speed of light, this is enough for the speed of light to complete 20,000 circles around the earth!


What happened to”5G Antenna King” Supite? The stock price continued to be sluggish and net profit fell by more than 70%in the first half

However, with the passage of time, the completely different M&A routes of the two companies led to completely different results. While keeping the antenna position, Xinwei Communications also realized the extension to the filter, wireless charging and other businesses. Most of the mergers and acquisitions were realized. The synergistic effect has been achieved, and the overall layout and synergy of SPEED’s mergers and acquisitions are too wide, which has caused the company’s performance to remain stagnant.