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Talking about the world丨At the BRICS meeting, Chinese measures lead the way for global anti-epidemic cooperation

   Xinhuanet, Beijing, September 11 (Zhu Mengna) President Xi Jinping attended the 13th BRICS Leaders’ Meeting in Beijing on the 9th via video. At the meeting, President Xi Jinping announced that on the basis of donating 100 million US dollars to the “New Crown Vaccine Implementation Plan”, China will donate another 100 million doses of vaccine to developing countries during the year. Experts said that these measures proposed by China have made positive contributions to promoting the fair and reasonable distribution of global vaccines, realizing the availability and affordability of vaccines in the world, especially in developing countries, and leading the way for global anti-epidemic cooperation.


New Comic Comment: Do you believe that the United States is “No. 1 in the world in anti-epidemic”?

   Recently, the latest issue of “Global Anti-epidemic Ranking” released by Bloomberg, the United States, which has a total of nearly 34 million confirmed diagnoses and over 600,000 deaths in the new crown, ranks as the “world’s number one.” Self-healing political farce, “refined” anti-epidemic lists that conceal the facts… This is neither true to facts, nor to science, nor to life. How long can the “first place” won by the whitewashing stand on the “podium”? Ha ha, we will wait and see.


Greece announces anti-epidemic measures for ferry operations to prepare for the restart of the tourist season

China News Service, April 22. According to Euronet, citing Greek Eunice News Agency, Greece’s Minister of Maritime and Island Policy Plaki Otakis said that the Greek ferry will be guaranteed by checking vaccination certificates, self-testing and rapid COVID-19 testing. This year’s tourism season started smoothly. But he did not disclose when the ferry will resume normal operations, nor did he explain how the above measures will operate.