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The situation continues to deteriorate, France may introduce stricter epidemic prevention measures

On October 22, French Prime Minister Castay, Minister of Health Verand, Secretary of State for Digital Work Derek Au, and Minister of Culture Bashlow held a joint press conference to announce a series of new anti-epidemic measures, most of which attracted attention It was announced that the curfew measures would cover 54 provinces, involving 46 million people, including some sparsely populated areas, indicating that the spread of the virus has not only raged in cities, but also rural areas.


Has the antibody been detected? Trump made another shocking statement:suffering from the new crown is a blessing from God! Also send $1,200 to each taxpayer, and U.S. stocks soared by 500 points! The Big Four are in trouble…

On the last day of the holiday, let’s take a look at the latest developments in President Trump’s condition. The latest situation is that Trump posted a video on Twitter saying that he did not need to go to the hospital and should have stayed in the White House after being infected.


The immunization rate of Russian residents rose to 26%

On the 15th local time, Popova, the head of the Consumer Protection and Public Welfare Supervision Office of the Russian Federation, said that at present 23 regions of Russia are conducting large-scale antibody testing research, and the immunization rate of the entire Russian population has reached 26%Among them, the group with the highest immunization index is children under 6 years old, accounting for about 42%of the people tested.


Today’s news all over the world 2020.7.10

French high school graduation examination results have been announced recently, at the same time, President Macron has also registered tiktok overseas version of tiktok and released the first video to congratulate high school graduates.