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Eggshell Apartments’ share price soared 90%again, news that Beijing Housing Construction Commission established a special team

The news that”Eggshell Apartments will be taken over by I Love My Home” continued to ferment, and the share price of Eggshell Apartments rose again by 90.42%. In the early morning of November 19, Beijing time (November 18 EST), the share price of Eggshell Apartments opened at a high of $3.45. The intraday increase once exceeded 100%. As of the close of the market, the share price of Eggshell had risen by 90.42%again, and reported per share. US$4.57, with a total market value of US$836 million.


Is Eggshell Apartment alive or dead? Deep in the suspicion of”bankruptcy running away”, the stock price is soaring

But even if I see this, people are still very confused:the eggshell apartment that was once”the second share of long-term rental apartments” has fallen here in just one year? In the future, will the eggshell apartment be dead or alive? Where to go? 01 At the beginning of this year, Eggshell was already”sorrowful and joyful”. To find the answer and understand the sorrows and joys of Eggshell Apartments, we must start at the beginning of this year. On January 17 this year, Eggshell Apartments was listed on the New York Stock Exchange. It is the first Chinese concept stock to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 2020. The stock code is”DNK”. It is the second domestic long-term rental apartment brand listed in the United States. . At that time, the eggshells should have been”striking horseshoes in the spring breeze.” I came from my heart and I was ready to do a big job. But unfortunately, within a few days after its listing, the biggest gray rhinoceros”new crown pneumonia virus epidemic” in 2020 came. The epidemic has not only added countless blockages to the eggshell apartment, but also fully exposed the deep-seated problems accumulated in the eggshell apartment in the early stage. It can be said that this time the”sorrow” is very thorough.


Eggshell Apartments may declare bankruptcy online, and Eggshell responds to rumors

On November 16th,”Bowang Finance” learned from the newly resigned employees of Eggshell that Eggshell Apartments may declare bankruptcy. At present, the tenants of Hangzhou Eggshell Apartment have been disconnected from the Internet, the landlord of Shenzhen Eggshell Apartment has begun to drive away tenants, and the landlord of Wuhan Eggshell Apartment has begun to directly contact tenants to pay rent.


Saudi royal woman was robbed in Paris and lost 600,000 euros in luxury goods

French”China Street” news:Last Thursday, in an apartment in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, a royal woman from Saudi Arabia discovered that she had suffered a burglary and was stolen a number of luxury brand items, including Hermès suitcases, Chanel leather goods, The total loss of jewelry and other items was about 600,000 euros. The case was discovered last Thursday morning. 35 Hermès bags were lost, each valued between 10,000 and 3.


The 60-year-old Japanese apartment looks like a new one. After reading it, I know the gap in China.

First, let’s look at a picture. Everyone guess:what age is the house in the picture? Is it the 90s or the latest? The answer is in the 1960s. The building in the picture is an office building of a vocational school in Nakayama Road, Gunma Prefecture, Japan. It was built in the 1960s and the photo was taken in 2016. Why are 60-year old houses in Japan so new? The first is the high standard of construction quality.


Japanese man wanted to commit suicide and suddenly fled after setting fire. 4 residents in the same building were killed and injured

Source:Overseas Network Fire Scene (Fuji TV) Overseas Network, October 16th. On the 15th, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department arrested a 59-year-old suspect for arson. He was suspected of setting a fire in his apartment, causing 1 death and 3 injuries to residents in the building. The man intended to commit suicide. He painted lamp oil on his body and in the room and set it on fire. Finally, he escaped unscathed and told the police”I didn’t expect it to be so serious.”