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Deng Ziqi did not change his eye make-up, and it was difficult to recognize his face with light make-up. The round face disappeared and became a melon-seeded face.

Recently, Deng Ziqi rarely appeared in an interview with light makeup and dressed very fashionable. Deng Ziqi, who has no heavy make-up and is keen to dress up, is indeed quite pure. On that day, Deng Ziqi seemed to drew only one eyebrow and pinned the right hair behind his ear, which looked quite gentle. During the interview, Deng Ziqi also showed his big white teeth from time to time, which was very cute.


Southampton midfielder Plaus has 73 consecutive Premier League games, a record for non-goalkeepers in active service

Live broadcast, December 30. In the 16th round of the Premier League that ended before, Southampton drew 0-0 at home with West Ham United, and midfielder Ward Prouss started. According to official statistics from the Premier League, Ward Prouss played this game for the 73rd consecutive time in the Premier League, which is also the record for the number of consecutive appearances among non-goalkeeper players.


Yunnan cracks “sue officials but not see officials” and increases the proportion of officials appearing in court every year

China News Service, Kunming, December 14 (Reporter Hu Yuanhang) The Propaganda Department of the Yunnan Provincial Party Committee, the General Office of the Standing Committee of the Yunnan Provincial People’s Congress, and the Yunnan Provincial Higher People’s Court jointly issued a news on the 14th that “The Standing Committee of the Yunnan Provincial People’s Congress Regarding Strengthening Administrative Trial Work Decisions (hereinafter referred to as “decisions”) have been implemented a few days ago. The decision clarified that the proportion of persons in charge of administrative organs who appear in court should be increased year by year. For cases involving major public interest, high social concern or possible mass incidents, persons in charge of administrative organs should appear in court.


527 games! Benzema tied Real Madrid’s record for non-Spanish players

Live it on December 10th. In the sixth round of Group B of the Champions League group stage, Real Madrid, who ranked third in the group before the match, played at home against the Bundesliga’s Monchengladbach. French forward Benzema made his debut on behalf of Real Madrid in this field and ushered in the 527th appearance of his Real Madrid career. He also tied the record of Brazilian full-back Robert Carlos and became the non-Spanish player with the most appearances on behalf of Real Madrid.


Fun stats:After Curry Cleglin became a teammate, the trio has the highest winning rate in history

Tiger Fight, November 21, according to statistics from the US media, since Warriors players Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green became teammates, the Warriors have won 76.4%of their three games, the highest in history. The winning percentage of the trio. The Warriors’ winning percentage dropped to 58.1%when two of the three played, 33.9%when only one player played, and 24%when both were absent.