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Apple apologized again for being accused of”big shop bullying”

According to a report from CNN Business in New York on August 23 by China Business Daily/China Business Network, Apple apologized after discovering that its app store was once again in dispute. WordPress founder Matt Mullenwag said on Twitter on August 21, local time in the United States that the app had been “recluded by the App Store” and Apple’s restrictions on the company prevented WordPress from updating its iOS apps. program.


Apple was fined 1.1 billion euros for successive problems, and now Russia is also starting to act

There is a constant “love and hatred” between US companies and EU companies. Among them, Apple is the most prone to monopoly investigation. Apple was fined 1.1 billion euros and 1.1 billion euros in an antitrust case in France. The fine is not a small amount. This data can be regarded as a large economic loss for the big business Apple. To Apple’s regret, the French fines on Apple are just one of the disasters that Apple has suffered. At the beginning, a series of hardships followed.


After four years of fighting, Apple won

On July 15, the second highest court in Europe ruled whether Apple should pay 13 billion euros in taxes to Ireland. In 2016, the European Commission stated that Apple passed two Irish tax regulations, benefiting from illegal state subsidies.