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Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Willing to develop Arctic shipping with other countries

   China News Service, June 1 According to a report from the Russian Satellite Network on the 1st, Nikolai Korchunov, the visiting ambassador of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a senior Russian official of the Arctic Council, said that Russia is willing to develop Arctic shipping together with other countries. He also said that in order to maintain and strengthen peace, stability and constructive cooperation in the Arctic region, Russia supports dialogue at all levels, including the highest level of development.


Pompeo warned China not to set foot in the Arctic, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs asked:What does the United States fantasize about in the South China Sea

The most concerned thing in 2020 should be the U.S. presidential election. Even though the presidential candidate has been determined, the turmoil between Biden and Trump continues one after another. In addition, the epidemic has caused more than 350,000 deaths and social disorder. It can be said that the current American society is very bad, but even this cannot prevent them from paying attention to and threats to the international market.