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Naka issue talks will be held in Moscow, Russia, Asia and Afghanistan will participate

China News Service, February 26. According to the Russian Satellite Network, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexei Overchuk stated that Russia, Azerbaijan and Armenia’s tripartite meeting on the Naka issue at the deputy prime minister level is planned to be held on February 27. Held in Moscow, all parties have confirmed that they will participate in the talks.


President of Armenia sends a letter to Putin seeking help in delimiting the border between Asia and Afghanistan

China News Service, December 9th. According to a report from the Russian Satellite Network on the 9th, Armenian President Sarkisian wrote to Russian President Vladimir Putin requesting his support for delimiting the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan. According to reports, the Armenian President’s Press Office quoted the letter as saying, “The President of Armenia has pointed out that, unfortunately, there is still a potential danger of new disputes between the two sides on the issue of delimitation of the border.



Russian and Asian foreign ministers met to discuss the Naqqa issue. Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov met with visiting Armenian Foreign Minister Aivajan on the 7th. Lavrov stated that the joint statement signed by the leaders of Russia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan on November 9 created all necessary conditions for the interests of the people of Armenia and Azerbaijan and long-term conflict resolution, and stabilized the situation in the South Caucasus.