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Russian peacekeepers perform demining missions in Naqqa

   Chinanews, December 7 According to a report from the Russian Satellite Network on the 7th, the Russian Ministry of Defense issued a message that in the past 24 hours, Russian peacekeepers have cleared more than 3 hectares of mines in the Naka area. At present, the line of contact between Azerbaijan and Armenia in the Naka region has ceased.


Azerbaijan searched for trophies, and a large number of tanks and heavy artillery were shipped back to the country.

According to reports, although Armenia is inferior to Azerbaijan in terms of national strength and less population than Azerbaijan, the military power gap between the two countries is not that large. For many years Armenia has been importing various weapons and equipment from Russia, forming a relatively complete land and air equipment system. However, after the war, Armenia did not seize the opportunity to completely mobilize its forces, making the gap in the front-line troops never filled. In addition, the Armenian military’s command also made the outside world disgraced. The human-machine force had no way but to watch the Turkish drones rampage freely on the battlefield. Numerous Armenian soldiers died under the drones, which seriously affected the morale of the Armenian army.


Putin warns Armenia:”Withdrawing from the ceasefire agreement” is tantamount to”suicide”

Russian President Vladimir Putin stated on the 17th local time that if the Armenian government withdrew from the ceasefire agreement targeting the Naka region, it would be tantamount to”suicide.” According to the British”Guardian” report on the 18th, in a program broadcast on Russian state television on the evening of the 17th, Putin was asked if Armenian Prime Minister Nicole Pashinyan”resigned” and the”new government” came to power to withdraw from the ceasefire. What are the consequences of the agreement? Putin said that Armenia’s withdrawal from the ceasefire agreement would be tantamount to”suicide.” He said in the interview,”That would be a huge mistake.”


Naka conflict, a war whose results have been booked

The Naqqa conflict that lasted for several months ended in Armenia’s compromise. From a geopolitical perspective, the outcome of this conflict is not unexpected. After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, Armenia defeated Azerbaijan in the conflict and controlled Naka and seven surrounding areas.


Prime Minister of Armenia:Hundreds of soldiers in our country are missing in Naka, hope they will be alive when found

Source:Global Network [Global Network Military Report] Russian Satellite News Agency reported on November 16 that Armenian Prime Minister Nicole Pashnyan stated that hundreds of military personnel in the country have disappeared after the conflict intensified in the Naka region. Pashnyan said at the press conference:”There are hundreds of people missing. We hope that some of them are still alive when they are found. On November 15th, a person on the death list was found only injured. .


Armenia lost 60%of its land and finally ceded land for peace. The people rushed into the government building and demanded another fight.

The Naka area is a disputed area between Azerbaijan and Armenia, but since modern times, the people living in this area have regarded themselves as part of Armenia. Azerbaijan started armed conflict at the beginning of last month in order to compete for the Naka region. Armenia was at a disadvantage. The international community is very concerned about the situation in this region.


Armenians burned their houses in tears before evacuation:never leave it to Azerbaijanis

On the 14th local time, Armenians from these areas began to evacuate urgently. They burned their houses with tears so as not to fall into the hands of Azerbaijanis. According to Reuters, on the 14th, in a village in Kelbajar district, Arsen, a 35-year-old Armenian man, set fire to his house. “Azerbaijanis will come here tomorrow. If possible, let them be here. Live!”