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Zeng was arrested twice for possession of drugs, and after”the prodigal girl turned her head”, she kept a low profile. Is she going to replace Ivanka as the”first daughter”?

As the results of the US election become clearer, Ashley Biden, who is likely to”squeeze out” Ivanka and become the new”first daughter”, begins to become the focus. In recent months, in the fierce”old boy war” with Trump, Biden has been exposed to a lot of fierce stories:first his wife Jill’s ex-husband jumped out and accused Biden of being a third party,”stealing”Leave his wife;


Ashraf fell to the ground and screamed, Ramos:Get up, don’t scream like a mouse

Live it on November 5th Real Madrid beat Inter Milan 3-2, both sides also tried their best in the game. In the collection edited by the broadcaster after the game, the verbal details of a conflict between Ashraf and Ramos were given. Ashraf once fell to the ground near the restricted area of ​​Real Madrid. Ramos was right next to him. Ramos quickly pulled Ashraf up and said:”Get up, you bitch, get up! Don’t look like it. Called like a mouse.


Referee expert:Mendy fouled Ashraf before he returned the pass by mistake

Live it November 4th Real Madrid’s UEFA Champions League group match between Real Madrid and Inter Milan is underway. In the first half, Real Madrid took a 2-1 lead, and their first goal came from a mistake by Inter right back Ashraf. According to reports, Andujar Oliver, the referee expert of Spanish Radio Marca, expressed his opinion.