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The annual comedy film “not coming soon” starring Fan Wei and Dou Xiao was released today

On the 22nd, the annual God reversal comedy film “no hurry”, starring Fan Wei, Dou Xiao and Zhang Songwen, was released. The film had previously held advance screening activities. All kinds of funny passages and humorous funny points made the audience “laugh through the defense”, and the audience was highly praised after watching the film. There are also many impressive plots in the film. Lao Li (Fan Wei) and Ma Mingliang (Dou Xiao) have to slap themselves to get out of the film, which makes the two people who are already hanging the lottery even more embarrassed. When they torture you Dacheng (Liang Chao), the funny dialogue of “donkey’s lips are not horse’s mouth” also pokes the audience funny. There are many hilarious plots. We expect the audience to feel it in the cinema.


People-oriented, responding to the society

Hunan Satellite TV’s new program “Grace China” launched in the early morning of August 3rd. The program uses the slogan “Take a gust of breeze, travel thousands of miles of China” and presents the natural and humanistic beauty of China with soothing natural beauty and original sound for the audience. Pressing the “slow forward button” at midnight leads to a brand new program form with high style, new voice, and light style.


Ten years later, director Huang Jianxin paid tribute to the party with the movie “1921”

China News Service, Beijing, June 16th. More than 30 years ago, he set off a breeze in the film industry with the “Black Cannon Incident”; 20 years ago, “Back to Back, Face to Face” aimed the camera at real citizen life scenes, China The perspective of urban film has been further expanded; more than 10 years ago, a “The Founding of a Nation”, the main theme film was more closely integrated with the market and audience. Today, he brings his new work “1921” to the Shanghai International Film Festival.