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Flavor of the world 3: Sea delicacies: recording the beauty of freshness

“Flavor world 3 · small delicacies of the sea” explores the in-depth content behind seafood food from a novel perspective, allowing the audience to see a different flavor world. More netizens said: “it is not only a documentary about food, but also a documentary about common people, so it is particularly kind.” As the Chinese New Year approaches, the fifth episode, “seasonal fresh. Autumn goes and spring comes”, timely presents seasonal fresh hard goods, so that the audience can feast their eyes and feel the festive atmosphere of the Chinese New Year in advance.


Chinese film audience satisfaction reached a new high

The reporter learned from the China Film Art Research Center today that up to now, the Chinese film audience satisfaction project has completed its seventh annual survey. The annual audience satisfaction score in 2021 is 85.2, the highest in seven years.