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Speech by the Secretary of Defense of the United States at the graduation ceremony of West Point Military Academy: Ready to face multiple challenges

Chinanews.com, May 23. According to the US “World Journal” report, on the 22nd local time, the famous American military academy at West Point held a graduation ceremony for its fresh graduates. US Secretary of Defense Austin attended and encouraged nearly a thousand graduates, They graduated in an extremely difficult environment, but they are ready to face challenges from the new crown epidemic to the threat of terrorism.


Worthy of vigilance! The Japanese and US Defense Ministers just talked on the phone and mentioned the Diaoyu Islands

The Kyodo News Agency of Japan just reported that on the 24th local time, the Japanese defense minister Nobuo held a telephone conversation with the new US defense secretary Lloyd Austin. The Japanese media was concerned that the two talked about the Diaoyu Islands again. Earlier, two other high-ranking US and Japanese officials also talked about the Diaoyu Islands during their meeting on the 21st. The Austin data map reported that Nobuo Kishi and Austin confirmed during the phone call that the Diaoyu Islands are the subject of Article 5 of the”Japan-US Security Treaty.”


The first black defense secretary of the United States has never been involved in handling China affairs before. Why did he call”China the biggest threat” before taking office?

On January 19th, local time, a group of new U.S. cabinet members nominated by Biden came to the U.S. Senate to receive questions from members of the regular hearings. This was the first time that the Biden team officially disclosed its ruling philosophy to the public. Naturally it is no small matter.


Biden nominates a retired African-American general as Secretary of Defense, once in charge of the Central Command

   China News Service, December 9th. According to a comprehensive report, on the 8th local time, US President-elect Biden announced that he would nominate a retired general and former US Central Command Commander Austin (Lloyd Austin) as Secretary of Defense. If this personnel case is passed by Congress, Austin will become the first African-American defense secretary in American history.


News! Russian media:The media says Biden nominates Lloyd Austin as US Secretary of Defense

Source:World Wide Web [Global News News] Russian satellite network news, media reports stated that US President-elect Biden nominated retired general Lloyd Austin as Secretary of Defense. The source of the news quoted by the satellite network is the US”politician” news network. The”politician” quoted three people familiar with the matter on the evening of the 7th local time and reported that Biden chose Austin as the next Secretary of Defense.


Chinese students were banned from entering the school for speaking on the Internet, angrily took the American university to court

According to a report by the British”Daily Mail” on July 24, a Chinese college student named Austin Tang was banned from entering the school by Fordham University in the United States because of his speech on social networks. Tang was extremely dissatisfied with the school’s punishment methods. He took him to court in a fit of anger, and in Thursday’s lawsuit, the court announced more details of the case.