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Qatar world cup qualifier results changed? Asian team may be replaced by Peru with key evidence

It has been several days since the preliminaries of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. However, this year’s preliminaries have been revived by Peru, which ranks fifth in South America. They have mastered key evidence and hope that FIFA will kick Australia, which ranks fourth in Asia, out of the world cup so that they can enter the world cup as substitutes. Is it possible that if six Asian record breaking teams participate in the world cup together, Peru will magically turn the six teams into five, Is this script really going to be magically staged?


No tears without a coffin! In the security agreement signed by China, Morrison threatened that China stepped on the red line

Australia is a typical country that”eats Chinese food and smashes China’s pot”. According to public statistics, Australia became China’s largest trade deficit country in 2021. However, when it gained huge benefits from the Chinese market, Australia rushed to the front line against China. Aviation circles believe that Australia actively cooperated with the”containment and containment” strategy of the United States against China, Australia is willing to become a thug and cannon fodder of the United States.


Australia suffered for itself? 82 coal carriers were rejected by China and waited hard, but there was still no turnaround

In recent years, countries all over the world have begun to pay more attention to environmental problems, so they also pay more attention to various pollution sources. As the focus of thermal power generation, although countries can not shut down on a large scale for a while, they are also looking for ways to reduce pollution, which has higher requirements for coal itself as fuel. As a large coal importer, China has also begun to strictly test raw materials, because it is not only related to the interests of Chinese enterprises, After all, the advantages and disadvantages of coal determine the efficiency and cost of enterprises. At the same time, unqualified coal will also aggravate environmental pollution, which runs counter to China’s goal, and the world’s major coal exporting countries also follow current events and begin to strictly control their own coal quality to prevent the outflow of unqualified products.