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After its trade with China was hit hard, Australia even wanted to hold Japan’s thigh

Author/Editor:The full text of Xunyang is 893 words, and it takes about 2 minutes to read. In recent times, the U.S. government has been adopting various measures to suppress China, including wooing India, Japan and Australia in the Indo-Pacific region with a view to forming a”little NATO””Coming against China. The relationship between India, Japan and Australia has also become closer because of the four-nation alliance. Recently, Japan and Australia have reached military cooperation.


There are 50 cases of sexual assault in Australian nursing homes every week, and the perpetrators are mostly nursing staff

A recent national survey in Australia shows that in the country’s nursing homes, about 50 sexual assaults occur every week, and the perpetrators are mostly nursing staff. The data made Australia exclaim. Data map, photo courtesy of Xinhua News Agency. The British Broadcasting Corporation reported on the 22nd that the above-mentioned investigation was carried out by the Royal Commission which specializes in handling quality and safety issues in the aged care industry, which was established in 2018 by Prime Minister Morrison.


Thousands of sexual assaults occur in nursing homes in Australia each year, an average of 50 per week, including a 105-year-old man

On October 22, Australia’s Royal Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission stated that during 2018-2019, about 2,520 sexual assault incidents occurred in elderly care institutions in the country, an average of 50 incidents per week. Evidence shows that such”illegal sexual behaviors” are widespread, with 13%-18 residents of nursing homes being affected, making them more vulnerable to violations than living in the community.