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Ekhanty-Mansi Autonomous Region Chief Executive: China occupies a leading position in the import and export trade of the Autonomous Region

China News Agency, Moscow, December 10 (Reporter Wang Xiujun) Kamarova, the chief executive of Russia’s Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Region, told a reporter from China News Agency at an online press conference held in recent days that China is entering the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Region. Occupying a leading position in export trade, innovative exchanges, tourism and environmental protection are the most potential areas of cooperation between the two sides.


Spain:Valencian Community closes borders

On October 30, there were few customers in a market in Valencia, Spain. The Autonomous Region of Valencia, Spain closed its borders on the 30th, and residents and tourists are prohibited from entering or leaving the autonomous region except for work and some special reasons. Since Spain entered a state of national emergency, most of Spain’s autonomous regions announced that they would close their borders until early November.


Outbreaks in four places in Spain surpass Madrid

As of October 19, Spain has confirmed a total of 974,449 cases of new coronary pneumonia, of which 33,992 have died. The number of the epidemic in Spain reached a new high, with 37,889 new infections and 217 deaths in the past weekend.


Mainland Myanmar and Kokang suspend logistics trade

According to news from the Kokang Autonomous Region of Shan State, on September 16, in order to strictly prevent the second round of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the Kokang Autonomous Region has strengthened epidemic prevention measures. During the period of strict epidemic prevention, people in the autonomous region must carry valid documents when traveling. Those who assist outsiders in entering the autonomous region or evading inspection will be severely punished in accordance with the law.


Leaders of the Party, Government and Army of the Autonomous Region Participate in the”August 1st” Military Day Activities Shi Taifeng Speech Bu Xiaolin and Li Xiuling attended

As the”August 1st” Army Day is approaching, on July 31st, the leaders of the autonomous region’s party, government and military came to the Armed Police Inner Mongolia Corps training base to participate in the”August 1st” Military Day activities and visit and sympathize with the troops stationed in the region and the armed police officers and soldiers.


The White House is happy to announce:Seattle is liberated

► Text Observer Network Xu Lei”I am pleased to inform you that Seattle has been liberated.” White House Press Secretary McKinney announced this on July 1. The day before (June 30), the mayor of Seattle issued an emergency”clearance” order to the”autonomous region” of the city. The day after the order was issued (July 1), the police began operations.


Seattle protesters “autonomous region” maintained clearance for more than 20 days, police arrested 13 people

[Integrated News] After more than 20 days of the Capitol Hill”Autonomous Region” established by Seattle protesters, the police launched a dispersal operation on the 1st and arrested at least 13 people. Seattle Police completed the dispersal at the northern end of Karl Anderson Park on July 1. (Source:”Seattle Times”/Associated Press) The Seattle Police issued a Bearcat special armored assault vehicle on July 1 to retake the”autonomous region”, including the Eastern District.