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Ukraine does not sell, Russia refuses to share technology! Where is the Chinese space engine?

This article is an original article of”Golden Ten Data”. Reprinting without permission is prohibited. Offenders must be investigated. In recent years, in order to maintain its own technological hegemony, the United States has frantically suppressed Chinese technology companies, such as controlling chip exports, which has caught our necks. The competition between China and the United States is becoming increasingly fierce.


Every 21:00 | French President’s Spokesperson:Macron’s overall situation is stable; Luxshare Precision:The 337 investigation will not have a substantial impact on the company’s current production and operations

Edited by:Zhang Yangyun 1丨French Presidential Spokesperson:Macron still shows some symptoms of coronavirus, but the overall situation is stable. According to the AI ​​Express, French government spokesman Gabriel Attal said on Monday that French President Emmanuel Macron He still shows some symptoms of the new coronavirus, but his overall condition is stable.