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La Liga: Barcelona 1:0 Valladolid is only 1 point away from the top

Dembele lore.

   China News Service, April 6th, Beijing time on the 6th morning, the 2020/21 season La Liga in the 29th round of the focus of the competition at the Nou Camp Stadium, Barcelona home game 1-0 victory over Valladolid. After this game, Barcelona ushered in 6 consecutive victories, accumulating 65 points, only 1 point away from the top Atletico Madrid.


Aspen referee expert:Trincon was brought down by his opponent in the penalty area and the referee missed a penalty for Barcelona

Live broadcast, January 28th. In the just-concluded 1/8 final of the Copa del Rey, Barcelona reversed Vallecano 2-1 away and successfully completed the promotion.”Aspen” referee expert Iturald Gonzalez analyzed several controversial penalties in this game. He believes that the referee missed a Barcelona penalty. In the 8th minute of the game, Barcelona organized an attack.


The Western Football Association Appeals Committee rejected Barcelona’s appeal and maintained Messi’s two-match suspension

Tiger Fighting, January 22, according to Spanish sources, the Football Association Appeals Committee rejected the Barcelona appeal and maintained a two-match ban on Messi. In the Spanish Super Cup final this season, in Barcelona’s game against Athletic Bilbao, Messi hit his opponent’s face and left the field at the last moment. Barcelona also lost 2-3 and missed the championship.