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World wave + heel shot, Griezmann scored three consecutive games

In the early morning of December 3, in the Champions League game, Barcelona beat Hungary Ferencvaros 3-0 away, and Griezmann scored three consecutive games. He scored the goal with a skillful heel shot and volleyed with a left foot. Barca scored a winning streak in the past three games. They beat Dynamo Kyiv 4-0, Osasuna 4-0, and Ferenc 3-0. Varos, Griezmann scored in all three games.


Official:Ronaldo won the 2020 Golden Foot Award

Live it on December 2 According to official news, Ronaldo won the 2020 Golden Foot Award. The previous shortlists were Messi (Barcelona), Cristiano Ronaldo (Juventus), Chiellini (Juventus), Salah (Liverpool), Ramos (Real Madrid), Lewandese (Bayern), Aguero (Manchester City) ), Pique (Barcelona), Neymar (Paris), Vidal (Barcelona).


Barcelona Presidential Candidate:If elected, he will never sign Neymar back, and will discuss his future with Messi

Live Bar, November 27, after former Bartomeu board member Xavi Vilajoana (Xavi Vilajoana) confirmed that he would participate in the election of the next Barcelona chairman, he accepted a media interview. He said that if he is elected, then Barcelona Will definitely not sign back to Neymar, and for Messi, he will negotiate with him to find the best way for the club.


Grand Boateng:Cristiano Ronaldo is the best in the world, but Messi is another level

Live it November 25th Kevin-Prince Boateng recently accepted an interview with Goal. He said that Ronaldo is the world’s number one, but Messi is another level. Grand Boateng had been rented by Barcelona briefly before. Talking about this experience, Boateng said:”The six months at Barcelona were incredible. At first, I didn’t believe that Barcelona really wanted to rent me. I thought it was. The Spanish, not the real Barcelona.


Full of aura! Durst cattle tail

In the early morning of the Champions League, Barcelona beat Kiev 4-0 and qualified early. The 20-year-old Durst scored Barcelona’s first goal. He was very active on the right side and once had a brilliant bull tail.


UEFA Champions League Group G standings:Barcelona scored 4 consecutive victories and qualified with Juventus 2 rounds ahead of schedule

Live broadcast, November 25th. In the fourth round of Group G of the Champions League group stage, Barcelona beat Dynamo Kyiv 4-0, and Juventus 2-1 reversal and beat Ferencvaros. Barcelona and Juventus both qualified 2 rounds ahead of schedule. Barcelona scored 4 consecutive victories in the group stage, leading with 12 points, Juventus with 3 wins and 1 loss with 9 points, ranking second in the group. Kiev and Ferencvaros scored 1 point, ranking third and fourth in the group.


Amor:The team’s attitude on the court is very good, and I feel sorry for losing

On November 22, Beijing time, La Liga Barcelona lost 0-1 to Atletico Madrid. After the match, Barça’s director of public relations, Amor, accepted an interview. He said:“I recognize the attitude of Barcelona players on the pitch very much. It’s a pity in the first half. At the end of the game, the opponent scored a goal and disrupted the entire game plan. In the second half, the opponent was more confident and the team could no longer fight back.”