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Want to “Ben Xian” to brush gifts first? Xuzhou Police Destroyed Extraordinary Telecom Fraud Criminal Gang

   China News Service, Xuzhou, August 26 (Zhu Zhigeng, Cai Han, Zuo Yi) A boy from a college in Xuzhou, Jiangsu, was introduced by netizens and met his “destined goddess” on a social platform. In order to meet the female netizen, the boy swiped a gift of 1,800 yuan, but was deleted by the other party. On August 26, the Xuzhou police notified the recently cracked “5.19” large telecom fraud case, arresting 116 suspects, involving more than 600 related cases, and victimizing more than 2,700 people, with a total value of more than 30 million yuan.


The 25-year-old”first beautiful legged car model” shows off a curvy figure in a cheongsam, netizens:too enviable

The 25-year-old”first beautiful leg car model” wore a cheongsam with a curvy figure. Netizens:It’s too enviable. Today in the editor, the protagonist introduced by you is a beautiful car model, and she has not graduated from university, she is still a female university student, 25 years old this year, looks very sweet, and the appearance is very high, often by some Well-known brand car dealers are invited to make car models.


Issued by China丨Eight Departments:Strictly investigate the use of hotels, clubs, and residential buildings for illegal medical aesthetics. Non-medical institutions shall not publish medical aesthetics advertisements

Recently, the National Health Commission, the Central Cyberspace Administration of China, the Ministry of Public Security, the General Administration of Customs, the General Administration of Market Supervision, the State Post Bureau, the State Food and Drug Administration, and the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine issued the”Special Rectification Work Plan for Combating Illegal Medical Beauty Services”, which was decided on From June to December 2021, a special rectification work for combating illegal medical beauty services will be jointly launched.


On November 18, a total of 74 shares of the two cities were traded, and Xintian Technology was discounted by 21.23%

According to a recent announcement by the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges, a total of 74 stocks in the two stock markets had large transactions on November 18, with a turnover of approximately 2.379 billion yuan. Among them, companies with a discount of over 5%include Xintian Technology, Oriental Fortune, Hanchuan Intelligent, Aofu Environmental Protection, Zhongjian Technology, Nine Powers, Guolin Technology, Ningde Times, Morning Sun Aviation, Shensi Electronics, etc.


Biden declares that the U.S.-Japan Security Treaty applies to the Diaoyu Islands

According to a report by the Satellite News Agency in Beijing on November 12, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin stated at a regular press conference on the 12th that the”US-Japan Security Treaty” is a product of the Cold War and should not harm the interests of third parties, let alone endanger regional peace stable.


Chinese women’s football team:I am confident to win South Korea, my idol is Messi

Faced with an interview with FIFA, Chinese women’s football international Tang Jiali expressed her admiration for Messi. Tang Jiali said:”My idol is Messi. I admire his never-say-die spirit. My ability to read the game is pretty good. I can observe the opponent’s openness. I like to use passing to connect teammates and team up with everyone. Offense.””I scored 7 goals in the Women’s Super League, and I feel that if I play well, I can score 3-4 more goals.