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Scientists predict that the asteroid”Benu” may hit the earth in the 22nd century. Will human civilization become extinct?

This nearly diamond-shaped celestial body is not a computer stunt, but a real picture taken by the Osiris-RE detector. Its equator is about 500 meters in diameter and is only 122 million kilometers away from our planet. More importantly, it is every 1.2 The earth will circle the sun once every year, which means that this asteroid will approach the earth once every 6 years.


U.S. deep space research has suffered setbacks, and the $800 million probe returned without success. Experts:Don’t be greedy

Due to the high technical difficulty, only a few countries such as the United States and Japan have this capability. According to the Russian Satellite News Agency, on October 22, local time, NASA’s”OSIRIS-Rex” probe encountered a relatively large setback during its mission, which caused some missions to fail. According to information disclosed by NASA, the “OSIRIS-Rex” probe, which is currently conducting soil sampling on the deep-space asteroid “Bennu”, due to the large pieces of soil, smaller particles infiltrate the collection carried by the probe itself. In the gap of the device, it cannot continue to work.


Too many samples on asteroids, US probe”leaks rocks” into space

Due to excessive sampling on the surface of the asteroid Bennu, some gravel samples collected by the American asteroid probe”Osiris-REx” leaked into space. Image source NASA website According to the Associated Press report on the 24th, NASA scientists urgently held a press conference on the 23rd to announce the above news.


300 million kilometers away, NASA probe completed the first asteroid sampling

Recently, NASA’s first asteroid sampling return mission ushered in a major breakthrough-at 320 million kilometers away, the OSIRIS-REx probe completed the sample collection of the asteroid Bennu. At 18:08 on October 20, 2020, U.S. Eastern Time, when the OSIRIS-REx probe successfully contacted Bennu’s surface confirmation information, the NASA ground team was completely boiling!


Successfully mine! NASA probe succeeded in sampling Bennu asteroid and returned to Earth three years later

There are many asteroids in the solar system. For us humans, they are all rich mineral deposits that can be used in the future. In the future, humans can mine on asteroids, emigrate asteroids, or transform asteroids into interstellar. Spacecraft, but at this stage, we can only make observations and measurements on asteroids. We are in the stage of scientific research and exploration. At most, we are sampling from asteroids and returning to determine the matter on it.


Foreign media inventory:10 things you must know about Bennu asteroid

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, October 22, a new media special report from Spain’s”Abbeza” website on October 20, published a report entitled”10 Things You Must Know About Bennu Asteroids”, saying that the”Pluo” probe mission It is NASA’s first mission to collect samples from an ancient asteroid and return the samples to Earth. The”Pluto” probe will collect 60 to 2 kilograms of rocky material from the Bennu asteroid. The following is what NASA knows about the Bennu asteroid:1. Very dark.


Ten things you need to know about Bennu

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