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Agence France-Presse:Valbuena videotape incident was transferred to court, Benzema will face trial

Live it, January 7 According to AFP, the”Valbuena videotape incident” that has lasted for many years has made new progress. The incident has been transferred to the court of Versailles and Benzema will face trial. The Versailles Procuratorate initiated charges in July last year, applying for a sentence of Benzema on charges of”extortion complicity.” Benzema and five others were charged with racketeering.


Benzema 2 shots 1 pass Valverde shot Hazard World Wave, Real Madrid 4-1 Huesca

Tiger Fighting on October 31st Beijing time at 21:00 on October 31st, in the 8th round of La Liga, Real Madrid played against Huesca. In the first half of the game, Mir’s goal was blown, Hazard blasted into the world wave, Benzema scored. F-Valverd scored in the second half of the game, David Ferrero pulled one back and Benzema scored twice before the end. In the end, the whole game ended, Real Madrid beat Huesca 4-1 at home.


Real Madrid internal strife exposed! Benzema’s locker room humiliated his teammates face to face, hit back after being questioned

On October 29, Beijing time, according to a report by the well-known British football website Goal.com, in the Champions League group match between Real Madrid and Monchengladbach, French forward Benzema told his French compatriot Flanders in the aisle -Mendy don’t pass the ball to teammate Vinicius. Benzema’s remarks were severely condemned on social media, but Benzema did not regret it.