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The creature was discovered about 400 million years ago, and if scientists get it, it is the oldest terrestrial animal

In Scotland, UK, paleontologists have found a kind of paleontological fossil that looks like a”millipede”, but after research, it is found that it is not a”millipede” and belongs to an ancient population that has been extinct. Approximately 425 million years ago, it is the oldest known terrestrial animal currently known. This research report was also published in the latest edition of”Historical Biology”.


If there is no accident, how long can humans exist on earth? Is this answer acceptable?

If there is no accident, how long can humans survive on Earth? Especially when some drastic changes occur, such as large-scale eruptions of super volcanoes, giant asteroids hitting the earth, and gamma-ray bombardment of the earth, these events will make The earth’s ecosystem has undergone drastic changes, leading to the extinction of a large number of species. This has happened five times on Earth.


Has Mars ever been civilized, or far superior to humans? Scientists find 2 key clues

In the solar system, the space that humans can explore is limited. Mars has always been a planet that humans want to explore, because the conditions of Mars and the earth are too similar, and in general, the geographical location of Mars is also more suitable for life to reproduce In the interest of life, scientists throughout the galaxy screened many planets, and because of the limited technology at the time, there was no way to screen every corner.