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The GDP rankings for the first three quarters are released:Guangdong Sulu ranks in the top three, and the growth rate of 26 provinces turns positive

Sino-Singapore Jingwei Client, October 31 (Xiong Jiali) On October 30, Shanghai released the GDP data for the first three quarters of 2020. So far, the economic”transcripts” of 31 provinces across the country have been released. In terms of total volume, Guangdong, Sulu, and Lu steadily ranked among the top three; in terms of growth rate, 26 provinces turned positive, and Tibet performed best, with a growth rate of 6.3%, which exceeded the national growth rate by 5.6 percentage points.


The U.S. may allow manufacturers to sell non-5G chips to Huawei; Antnet’s bid amount sets a record

Ant Group’s response:No comment] According to Reuters, quoting people familiar with the matter, Ant Group has shifted its strategy before going public and no longer pursues its ambition to become a global payment leader. It has been reducing its investment in many overseas e-wallet companies. Funding and employee support, and at least 200 engineers and other experts were transferred back.


The three quarterly reports of the six major banks are released:ICBC’s net profit of 228.675 billion yuan tops the list

As of the 30th, the three quarterly reports of the six major state-owned banks have been disclosed. Among them, ICBC’s net profit in the first three quarters was 228.675 billion yuan; CCB’s net profit was 20.832 billion yuan. 100 million yuan decreased by 9.15%year-on-year. ICBC disclosed its three-quarter report on the evening of October 30, and achieved revenue of 6002 in the first three quarters.


“Super large order” 1 billion funds to grab chip concept stocks

The net outflow of large orders from the two cities was 31.125 billion. Today, the three major A-share indexes fell sharply. As of the close, the Shanghai Composite Index fell 1.47%; Donghai Securities Research Report pointed out that the A-share index is still in rebound and shock operation.


Zhumadian has achieved initial results in investment promotion

It is understood that since this year, all levels and departments of Zhumadian have worked hard to overcome the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, continue to innovate investment methods, continue to carry out”no-face investment”, and actively”go out” to negotiate and match. From January to September 2020, the city will add new provinces There are a total of 191 foreign funded projects, contracted use of foreign capital of 142.75 billion yuan, the actual accumulated foreign capital of 24.75 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 2.65%, the growth rate ranks second in the province, maintaining the province’s first position.


CITIC Special Steel’s annual restructuring test:market value increased by 36.2 billion annually, continued to reduce costs and increase efficiency for 21 months, and profit nearly 10 billion

Changjiang Commercial Daily News ● Changjiang Commercial Daily reporter Shen Yourong CITIC Group Special Steel Assets completed the first anniversary of the overall listing, CITIC Special Steel (000708.SZ) achieved expected benefits, exceeding market expectations. Since the beginning of this year, under the impact of the epidemic, the overall operation of Chinese steel industry enterprises has been under pressure, and CITIC Special Steel has been almost outstretched.