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The Mars rover was successfully launched, the US military once again provoked, and multi-type fighters approached. Expert:stay vigilant and keep your sword open

China achieved the successful launch of the Tianwen-1 Mars probe on July 23. This is a new breakthrough in China’s space exploration. This launch activity was carried out at the Hainan Wenchang Space Launch Center, using Long March 5 The launch vehicle system, with the launch of the Tianwen-1 Mars probe, also achieved the third successful launch of the Long March 5 launch vehicle.


U.S. military double aircraft carrier sharpens, strategic bomber deploys Guam again, sword guide sea has already been seen

The US Navy’s USS Nimitz and the USS Reagan broke into the South China Sea on July 3 and July 4, respectively. Previously, a spokesman for the US Navy’s Seventh Fleet called the South China Sea a training ground for the US military, while the US opposed China’s presence in Xisha. The military exercises held by the United States have undoubtedly revealed the issue of the deployment of aircraft carriers in the South China Sea, because the US Navy itself announced that it will hold military exercises of dual aircraft carriers in the South China Sea.


The double aircraft carrier in the South China Sea showed a terrible appearance, and the strategic bomber approached provocation aggressively. Expert:Dongfeng Express refused to accept the rule

The USS Nimitz and USS Reagan have successively broken into the South China Sea to carry out the so-called”free navigation” military operations. On July 1, the US Navy’s LCS10 Giffords was already in the South China Sea. The Littoral Combat Ship was in the vicinity of the Marine Geological Research Ship No. 4 and the alarm sounded. The Navy 054A missile frigate was dispatched immediately. The US Navy LCS10 Giffords did not dare to act rashly.


The Philippine Sea alarm sounded, US aircraft carrier aircraft took off and landed intensively, and strategic nuclear bombing had come to support

Since June 9, the US Navy has carried out three aircraft carrier strike groups in the Pacific. The US Navy has a total of 11 aircraft carriers, including 10 Nimitz-class aircraft carriers and 1 Ford-class aircraft carrier. At the same time, it is quite rare to use three aircraft carriers to operate in a single sea area, and it is still a combat deployment task. The US Pacific Navy bluntly stated that this deployment operation is directed at the Asia-Pacific region.