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More than 350 African elephants may have died from a new virus

According to a report by the British”Sun” on July 13, more than 350 African elephant corpses have been found in Botswana in Africa since May. Scientists have now preliminarily determined that a new type of”elephant virus” is the”black hand” behind this disaster.”.


Mysterious death of more than 350 elephants in Africa Expert:Cause of death or threat to human health

The British”Guardian” reported on the 1st that hundreds of elephants”mysteriously died” in the southern African country of Botswana. Some biological experts said that considering the possibility of virus transmission, this strange phenomenon or the risk of threatening human health, failure to determine the cause of death of elephants as soon as possible may have serious consequences.


More than 350 elephants died in Botswana in succession

According to a report by the British”Guardian” on July 1, a large-scale”mysterious” death of elephants has recently occurred in the southern African country of Botswana. In just over a month, at least 350 elephants have died in such bizarre ways.