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Allison sent points, Barnes scored 1-0 away to Liverpool

Live broadcast, January 22. Liverpool vs. Burnley in the 83rd minute, Barnes broke into the penalty area and picked the ball, and fell to the ground after contact with Allison! The referee awarded a penalty kick! Then Barnes himself took the penalty and Burnley led Liverpool 1-0 away!


VAR intervenes to change the sentence, Lukeshaw tackles yellowing & Burnley yellow card cancelled

Live broadcast, January 13th. Manchester United vs. Burnley. In the 28th minute, Luke Shaw made a tackle from the backcourt to destroy Burnley’s attack. Then B Feet made a long pass. Benjamin M did the top and Cavani was released after getting the ball. fall down! Brady got a yellow card! But the slow motion showed that Luke Shaw’s tackle in the backcourt was suspected of fouling!


Kane’s goal line saves Sun Xingmin’s winning goal, Spurs away 1-0 Burnley

Tiger Fighting on October 27th Beijing time at 04:00 on October 27th, in the sixth round of the Premier League, Tottenham challenged Burnley away. In the first half of the game, Barnes scored and was blown offside first, Westwood threatened with a long shot. In the second half of the game, Tarkovsky’s header in the penalty area was cleared by Kane’s goal line, and Sun Xingmin scored with a header. At the end of the game, Tottenham beat Burnley 1-0 away.


1-0, Mourinho refused to be upset! Sun Xingmin tops scorer list with 8 goals, Tottenham are only 2 points away from top

At 4 o’clock in the morning on October 27th, Beijing time, a focus game in the sixth round of the Premier League kicked off at Tefmore Stadium. Tottenham challenged Burnley away and scored with Kane assisted Sun Xingmin in the 76th minute of the second half. With the ball, Tottenham defeated their opponents 1-0 and scored the second start of the Premier League’s 3 consecutive away games. With 11 points, they rose to fifth in the league, only 2 points from the top.