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Brazil has confirmed more than 21.9 million cases, and Sao Paulo maintains the “mandatory mask order” in public places

St Paul novel coronavirus pneumonia (Xinhua news agency, November) 10 (reporter Mo Chengxiong) data released by the Ministry of health of Brazil at 17:50 local time 10, showed that 12273 new cases of newly diagnosed pneumonia were diagnosed in Brazil on that day, and 21909298 cases were diagnosed. 280 new deaths, with a total of 610036 deaths; 21117407 cases were cured.


Brazil’s financial market lowered its economic growth forecast for this year

China News Agency, Sao Paulo, November 1 (reporter Mo Chengxiong) – the latest focus survey report released by the Central Bank of Brazil on November 1 local time shows that Brazilian financial market analysts once again lowered the country’s economic growth expectations this year and raised inflation expectations at the same time.


Brazil has more than 21.81 million confirmed cases, and Sao Paulo has relaxed epidemic prevention measures again

St Paul novel coronavirus pneumonia, Brazil, November 1 (reporter Mo Chengxiong) data released by Brazil Ministry of health at 18 hours and 08 hours local time on November 1st showed that 3838 cases of newly diagnosed pneumonia were confirmed on the same day, and 21814693 cases were confirmed. There were 98 new deaths, less than 100 for the first time since April 12 last year, with a total of 607922 deaths; 21003105 cases were cured.


Focus on agricultural technology and carbon neutrality The second China-Brazil Innovation Week was held

China News Service, Beijing, August 21 (Reporter Sun Zifa) To celebrate the 47th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Brazil, the opening ceremony of the second China-Brazil Innovation Week and the 2021 China-Brazil Sustainable Development Forum have recently been held online in Beijing, China. Shanghai, Brasilia, Brazil and Sao Paulo were held simultaneously. This event focuses on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and focuses on agricultural technology and carbon neutral solutions. It aims to explore the in-depth cooperation between China and Pakistan in scientific and technological innovation, international exchanges and other fields. Through the improvement of the dialogue mechanism, win-win development can be achieved and bilateral cooperation can be created. Demonstration effect.