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African life

First of all, many people realize that Africans do not use tableware when eating. I can only grasp food with my hands, no matter what it is. They believe that this can experience the food more directly, and also prevent the mouth from being burned due to the food being too hot.


Douyin’s”most western bride” became popular, wearing”unmarked dark pattern wedding dress” attracted attention from netizens:the groom is a blessing

The wedding is very meaningful to everyone. The marriage of Giben is for a lifetime. No one thinks about when to divorce when they get married. Therefore, the wedding is basically treated with great care and solemnity. The wedding is of great significance to every girl. Although some people choose to travel and get married when they get married, most people still choose to hold a wedding and entertain relatives and friends to witness their happiness. , which is


Newlyweds take wedding photos on the rocks by the sea

According to the British”Daily Mail” reported on July 2, Laguna Beach, California, the United States recently staged a thrilling scene when a newlyweds took their wedding photos on a rock by the sea, they were overturned into the sea by a big wave Fortunately, the firemen arrived in time to rescue the couple.