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The Chinese employees of the Laos Power Transmission and Transformation Project Department celebrate the New Year on the spot in a warm and harmonious atmosphere

China News Service, Nanning, February 12th (Lu Dongqi, Du Bing, Lin Yanhua) “I am from the Northeast, and I will be the professional of making dumpling wrappers.” “Then I am an old Xi’an dumpling stuffing that is not’incumbent’.” Niu On New Year’s Eve, in Santong County, which is 70 kilometers away from the capital of Laos, Vientiane, at the Laos 500 kV power transmission and transformation project at Pala Station, the Chinese employees of the project department sat around the dinner table, chatting about the homework while wrapping dumplings. The atmosphere was warm and harmonious. There were bursts of laughter.


Story:Prose”Meet the Light” Wang Yunguang

In the morning, I wandered in the scent of birds and flowers in the park, covered in the morning glow, breathing fresh air. A round of red sun is rising from the east, ten thousand rays of sunshine shining on the earth, it brings us warmth, light, and hope.   A seed takes root and sprouts underground. Growing hard and straight in the night-like soil, one day it finally broke through the shackles of the land and received the long-awaited sunshine.


Shenzhen for the first time! Guangming District issues”Pengcheng Talent Card” to Academicians in Shenzhen

On November 7, Sheng Wanqing, member of the Standing Committee of the Shenzhen Guangming District Party Committee and Director of the Organization Department, and Han Zhu, vice president of the Bank of China Shenzhen Branch, represented the Talent Office of Shenzhen Guangming District and the Bank of China Shenzhen Branch. Academician Deng Xingwang of the Academy of Sciences and some team members issued the”Bank of China Pengcheng Talent Card” diamond card. This is the city’s first”Bank of China Pengcheng Talent Card” issued to academicians in Shenzhen. The talent card jointly planned and launched with Shenzhen Bank of China has achieved full coverage of talents at all levels recognized by the city.


They all have the same head, so why Ni Ni has a sense of superiority, she has to be ridiculed as”fathead fish”?

With a super thin”Xin Zhilei head” (short clavicle hair), Xin Zhilei, who has been popular in barbershops across the country and has supported countless Tony teachers, once again became a hot search for”hairstyle”. But this time the netizens are not complimenting her, but ridiculing her… The following is the official picture of the event site. This scalp”big bright” shape is really overwhelming, and some netizens even complain about her like a”fat head fish”.


Bright Dairy was fined 300,000 for illegal advertising. The company is increasing marketing investment. Response:Cooperate with the investigation and make timely corrections

On October 18, the Shanghai Municipal Administration of Market Supervision issued a notice on the issue of online public opinion reflecting the penalty of Bright Dairy’s advertisements, stating that after investigation, the parties concerned released the”2016-2020 Bright Dairy Co., Ltd.” containing a”map of China” through the official website. Corporate Strategic Planning” video advertisement.