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Jiangsu Yangzhou police reunion action to help brothers reunite after 62 years

Beijing, Yangzhou, December 17 (Zhang Zhi, Wang Zixin) spanning 800 kilometers, brothers separated for 62 years and finally reunited! On the 17th, at the marriage recognition ceremony of “reunion action” held by Guangling branch of Yangzhou Public Security Bureau, yuan of Anyang, Henan province finally met his brother Zhang who had been separated for nearly 62 years. “When my parents were alive, the biggest concern was my brother. Now my brother has finally found it, and they can rest in peace!” Zhang said at the marriage recognition ceremony.


“Brother Who Overcome the Thorns” Lin Zhixuan and Li Yundi select teams from each other in one second Zhang Jin bids for the performance song naughty “spoiler”

   Mango TV panoramic music competition variety show “Brother Who Overcomes Thorns” aired the first episode (part 2) today. After the first stage concert, the brothers ushered in the challenge of regrouping and bidding for the first performance song. In this issue, there are not only the small live house in the dormitory where the brothers have a tacit understanding, but also the “spoiler” of Zhang Jin’s song auction but accidentally play off, as well as Lin Zhixuan and Li Yundi’s “insurance” combination one-second mutual selection, and Lee Seung-hyun bluntly said “has started.” “Reluctant” and other famous scenes, the brothers are ready to go, and are about to usher in a new challenge.


“She died” scene! After the college entrance examination, my sister danced to greet me, my younger brother reacted

On June 9th, Xiamen, Fujian, an older sister danced at the door of the dormitory to welcome her younger brother who had just finished the college entrance examination, but the younger brother on the side reacted brightly… Miss Lin said that because she herself had been dancing, she didn’t think so much on that day. , I just wanted to dance for my younger brother, wishing him victory, and titled on the gold list. Although I was a little nervous when jumping, I gave it up and let go of the dance.


The robes show big muscles. Recently, countless girls have been fascinated by this”handsome monk”…

Source:According to those things in the UK, recently many girls in Southeast Asia have been fascinated by a monk. He was wearing a robe, holding a rice bowl in his hand, and shaved his head. Although his clothes were so plain that he couldn’t be more simple, he still couldn’t hide his handsomeness, and… his strong muscles… Actually, this”monk” is called Paing Takhon, From Myanmar, my job is an artist.


Meituan errand runners received orders and sent 14 sets of Ipone12, privately canceled the order, mortgaged the low price and rented BMW to buy clothes

When something is in a hurry, we can place an order for it to help deliver it, but recently, an employee of a mobile phone shop in Guiyang City, Guizhou Province encountered a bad deal. However, an accident happened. The errand boy who took the order unexpectedly cancelled the order on the way. The clerk hurriedly contacted him after discovering the abnormality, but the boy couldn’t get in touch.