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U.S. explosion point close to telecommunications building:alarm system crashes 290 kilometers away

The explosion site was located near the telecommunications building on the morning of the 25th local time. A large explosion occurred in the center of Nashville, the capital of Tennessee, USA, causing many injuries. Due to the explosion of the RV, it happened to be parked outside the building of the telecommunications company AT&T. The accident also caused the local communication to be interrupted. The 911 alarm system 290 kilometers away was temporarily shut down. Even the nearby airport was affected and the departure flight was suspended.


New York City’s Mobil Building Redevelopment Report released, people hope to retain the characteristics of Chinatown

China News Service, December 25. According to the US”Qiao Bao” report, the 70 Maupili Street, Chinatown, Manhattan, New York has completed a three-month community reconstruction discussion plan. Recently, an advisory committee composed of New York City Administration, design companies, and major tenants held an online meeting to summarize the planning opinions collected during community discussions.


The battle in the Telegraph Building on the eve of Shenyang’s liberation

On No. 180, Zhongshan Road, a bustling commercial street in Shenyang, there is a three-story old-fashioned corner building in the Japanese and puppet period—the site of the Fengtian Telegraph and Telephone Office. This building is compared with the colorful modern high-rise buildings on this street. , It seems particularly low-key.


More than ten people died in the collapse of the Mumbai building and many people were trapped. The Indians pleaded with Modi:help us

It was early in the morning when the accident occurred, when people were still asleep, but the breath of death came quietly, the building collapsed, and the people who fell asleep did not know it. According to media reports from India, the time of the accident was about 3:40 in the morning. The location of the accident was the Biwandi area of ​​Mumbai, India. Currently, from the Indian National Disaster Response Force, the local fire brigade and police teams are carrying out rescue work. .


congratulate! Six Liaoning enterprises become national industrial bases

Prefabricated building refers to a building that uses components and is assembled in a reliable connection method at the construction site. It has the characteristics of design standardization, production factoryization, construction assembly, decoration integration, and management information, and is being assembled.