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Institutions heavily buy Hongyuan Electronics, hot money hits Zhongneng Electric丨Longhuban

On Monday, 20 stocks appeared as institutions, and 9 stocks received net purchases from institutions. The new stock, Barbie Foods, once again received a purchase of more than 100 million yuan from an institution yesterday. The institution bought heavily for 2 consecutive trading days, making Barbie Foods continue to hit a new high since its listing, and closed the daily limit in the late trading, and the market value is approaching 12 billion yuan.


A-share dragon and tiger list revealed the most popular 8 stocks by institutions

According to the statistics of the Securities Times Databao, on October 22, the institutional seats in the Dragon and Tiger List were net purchases of 86 million yuan, of which 8 stocks were net purchases; the net purchases of multiple stocks were Barbie Foods, Peacebird, and Guoxuan Gaoke, etc., net purchases accounted for 5.86%, 22.62%, and 1.43%of the day’s turnover.


Individual stocks rated by institutions for the first time on October 12

Institutions’ first attention to individual stocks:stock name first rating agency first rating first rating target price (yuan) October 12 closing price (yuan) BOE A Wanlian Securities increased holdings –5.25 Mona Lisa GF Securities buy – 37.3 Shanghai CNC Guolian Securities recommended 87.73 Dashenlin Oriental Securities to buy 107.6483.34 Star Semiconductor CICC outperformed the industry 219.17207.


Indian media:India is hesitant to buy U.S.-made drones

[# India is hesitant to buy U.S.-made drones#] According to Indian media reports on October 7, the Indian Ministry of Defense has not yet reached a final conclusion on the purchase of 30 MQ-9 drones from General Atomics of the United States, and expressed no Anxious to purchase in the name of emergency.


Dragon and Tiger List:Brother Zhao was”cut leek” and left the market with a dismal exit.

As the double festival approaches, the hot money has also begun to keep a low profile. The 3679 Marriott Yue Care bought by Mr. Zhao last Friday, the price moved up before the close, Mr. Zhao should buy at this time, forcing the stock price to rise, giving the bulls confidence , But did not improve after the opening of the market on Monday, and directly opened 3.79%lower. Brother Zhao was helpless and had no choice but to sell. The rhythm has been poor for some time. Brother Zhao once again became a leek.