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Modi urgently purchases fighter jets, the White House issues threats of sanctions, and Russian-made fighter jets still have to look at the US

The United States, as the world’s largest exporter of weapons, in the eyes of the United States, the world’s arms exports should be completed by the United States, not by Russia. Nowadays, India’s generous purchase of MiG-21 and Su-30MKI fighters from Russia has naturally aroused US anger. According to Indian media reports, the current purchase of Russian-made weapons in India is likely to touch the United States'”Suppressing the Anti-American Enemies with Sanctions Act,” like the bill passed in 2017. It is definitely the best example of US unilateralism. In this bill, the United States directly stated that any country purchasing weapons and equipment from Russia would be subject to United States sanctions.


The rainbow drone bought in Serbia is on sale and can carry two missiles

Serbian media said that military sources confirmed that a cargo plane shipped the first batch of CH-92A drones to Belgrade’s Bataysa military airport yesterday. However, sources said that Serbia has purchased two UAV systems, six of which are offensive type, capable of carrying two missiles or bomb weapons.