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Visit the “warm home” of the Chinese medicine anti epidemic expert group of China’s aid to Cambodia

China news network, Phnom Penh, May 26 (reporter Ouyang Kaiyu) since the Chinese medicine anti epidemic expert group of China’s aid to Cambodia came to Cambodia to carry out work for two months in the early spring of this year, it has been widely praised locally. An endless stream of local people went to the traditional Chinese Medicine Department of China Cambodia Friendship Hospital in kosma, Cambodia, and more Cambodian local people experienced the characteristic curative effect of traditional Chinese medicine.


Chinese traditional medicine aid to Cambodia medical team will provide strong guarantee for Cambodia’s anti epidemic

China news network, Phnom Penh, January 30 (reporter Ouyang Kaiyu) “China’s aid to Cambodia medical team will give full play to the unique role and value of traditional Chinese medicine in China’s actual anti epidemic war, share the anti epidemic experience of traditional Chinese medicine with Cambodia, and provide a strong guarantee for Cambodia’s final victory in the anti epidemic struggle.” Wang Wentian, Chinese ambassador to Cambodia, said in an exclusive interview with reporters from chinanews.com in Phnom Penh on the 30th.


Cambodian Jiangxi General Chamber of Commerce: gather villagers’ strength and build a friendship bridge

Beijing, Phnom Penh, December 24 (reporter Ouyang Kaiyu) “everyone said that Cambodia China friendship is like steel. Through the joint anti epidemic, the relationship between the two countries has been further sublimated. Without China’s help, Cambodia can’t have the current anti epidemic achievements. In this process, Cambodian Jiangxi businessmen have never been absent and made positive contributions.” Guan Shaopeng, governor of Kampala province of Cambodia, said during the exchange with Wei Siyu, President of Jiangxi General Chamber of Commerce of Cambodia.