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The 320 billion yuan canal will lead from Hangzhou to Guangzhou, 194 kilometers longer than the Beijing Hangzhou Grand Canal, benefiting hundreds of millions of people. Will Jiangxi take off?

It will connect Hangzhou directly to Guangzhou and connect the two important water systems in China – the Yangtze River and the Pearl River, from north to south, up to Beijing and down to Guangdong. Gan Yue Gan zhe canal is a large canal project across Zhejiang, Jiangxi and Guangdong provinces. It is composed of Gan Yue canal and Zhejiang Gan canal. The total length is about 1988 km, 194 km longer than the Beijing Hangzhou Grand Canal, and the planned investment is about 320 billion yuan.


World canal culture dialogue held on the protection, inheritance and utilization of canal culture

Beijing, October 10 (reporter Chen Hang) the canal is a unique cultural messenger to communicate with the world. As one of the important activities of the 2021 Beijing (International) canal culture festival, “world canal culture dialogue” was held in Beijing Sub Center on September 9. The participating experts and scholars jointly discussed the methods and ways of the protection, inheritance and utilization of the canal culture, and contributed wisdom to excavating the cultural connotation of the Grand Canal and telling the story of the canal.


12 excellent tourist routes along the Beijing section of the grand canal were released, leading the transformation and upgrading of canal tourism

Beijing, October 10 (Xu Jing) on the evening of the 9th, the 2021 Beijing (International) canal culture festival hosted by the Publicity Department of the Beijing Municipal Party committee and China news agency opened at the water transport wharf of the Grand Canal Forest Park, Tongzhou District, Beijing. At the opening ceremony, the relevant person in charge of Beijing Municipal Bureau of culture and tourism released 12 high-quality tourism routes along the Beijing section of the Grand Canal, which are distributed in 7 areas along the Beijing section of the Grand Canal, integrating cultural heritage, characteristic museums, waterfront landscape and other elements, so that the public can enjoy a comprehensive new tourism experience during the tour, and let the high-quality cultural and tourism routes lead the transformation and upgrading of canal tourism.


Yangzhou Canal Grand Theater has become a new landmark in the ancient city, singing the “Four Seasons Song” of Canal Culture

China News Service, Yangzhou, March 15 (Reporter Cui Jiaming) As a cultural landmark project in Yangzhou, the Canal Grand Theater will be put into trial operation on April 18 this year, and will be officially opened on July 1. It will become a new showcase for the culture of the Grand Canal. window. On the 15th, when walking into the new Canal Grand Theater in Yangzhou, the reporter saw on the scene that the staff were working on internal decoration and debugging.


The 2020 World Canal City Forum promotes cross-border exchanges and moves along the current to build a community of shared future for canal cities

More than 500 officials, experts, and scholars from the world canal cities, international organizations, embassies and consulates in China, domestic government departments, and university research institutions gathered in the name of the canal, focusing on the theme of”sustainable prosperity and development of the cultural tourism industry of the world canal cities” Express your opinions and discuss how to build a world canal city with canal city as the carrier and canal culture as the soul under the complex background of the continuous spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic and the rising trend of anti-globalization. Community with a shared future.